Joyce Valenca – the game changer

Back in 2011 I attended the Game Changer Conference and met Joyce Valenza who has left an indelible print on my heart.

She spoke about the “Digital footprint” our students are creating and asked “Are they leaving an academic footprint?” This led to the bigger question of whether or not we are supressing their footprint- reputation management.

Joyce Valenza

Creative commons has to be taught as we are the cheer leaders about this not gate keepers. Our students are creators and can follow a simple YouTube tutorial, use Flickr images and Google it without explicit understandings on copy right. This is one aspect of our work that is increasingly important. We need to demonstrate the use of cc material for fair use in order to improve media literacy and protect intellectual property when our students create their own work.

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Content curation – teaching kids to curate not info seeking but synchronizing a community




Keeping up with the search – be the expert use search strategies, pandia search will help you love search, search engine news, info, gale apps, need data base and gale apps and absco apps so that users can access them a3 – ebooks can be available in the app, librarian sneed to insit that certain items are on.


Blooming google

Google news timeline – Search by year, decade, fab tool, from all over the world, teach after search refinements, google squared identifies in a category grouping in metatags, reading level strategy and can click on the basic level, google custom searches for topics give search a name and , google a day by giving a search challenge,


Search tools for kids, for kids, mashoedia for high school, sort fix, , twudi wolfram


Unblock information


Dc needs a demo weekly to show something new search wise


2. Rethinking school library

Like a kitchen – room everyone wants to be in, community is formed, not just get stuff, but taste, collaborate, share, mess around, full pantry Participatory – libratory How to achieve enchantment Wo is the librarian – the master chef Seth godin – good quotes No one appoints us but we have to hit the start butting on something Box – think outside it, what makes you think there is a box Use lib guide stats and counter on wiki to see who is using


National year of reading

Get kids to do promoting through video creation and make decide how to use this via cc TLguides – gather young adult author blogs, Digital picture frames – ask for them and put book images onto it, use slide show and slide show of favorite books, Use low tech labels, Nancy keen – book talks one book a day Book trailers – qr codes in the book for extras – like book trailers QR codes – makes library participatory Live scribe pens Murray hill wiki space Read a book – give a book with penquin books Geat global reads for kids Tumble books – chat to bernadine Read plus – Kids book review Make books out of kids work – are you celebrating work done, save as PDF issuu can  then make into flip books, can do this with student papers and assignments, embed demo, can develop a portfolio ebook, Poll on web site Embed wordless Wordless of mystery, young adult authors, 900s, Wordfoto, display Glogster historical romance Shelfari Library Ebooks and devices – confused, Buffy Hamilton, kindle can not have multiple tiltes on your readers Edukindle


Cataloguing tools –, amazon to Marc converter, Add web sites –


Admin – presentations on slide share and author share, the unquiet libraries present ions, do you have a parking lot for your lessons, are your reports on line, this proves the worth – Do an annual report for this year it makes what you do evident to all and informs best practice


Camera – look at images to rep library, animo to, Local gems They get a picture of what you are doing to capture life in your library in some way. Cn we share it to show Asa evidence


Mgms media centre

Monthly reports

Wish list

Use tools that you are asking for


Policy up – scotch college notebook policy


Google calendars

Google forms

Students as collaborator – library hero of the day Create commercials for the library – infomercials Orientation for new classes – cover Sweet primary sources Mr data base man Grammar videos .wikis


Branding – Colour font, tutorials over website, comic life, diigo, embeditin, get company widgets – gale widget ,live binders, sqworl , symbaloo to curate own work,


Join the tribe

Elementary library routines

Teacherlibrairn Ning


3. Game changes

Joy- synergy, Helen magragh books docs, make the whole school a library, overnewton Anglican community school website, ebook program used Sony and kobo with adobe digital content and can buy once and put on all e readers, she has five.


Pam – 30yrs TL to be replaced by a technician, had done Slav pln classes and was seen to be activitley using blog, wiki and skills were up to date, edublogs 30 day challenge, so now teaches it and brings the library to the rest ofthe school, has a copyright page, a cybersafety page, book bytes, book week, web 2.0 tools, reding group extend with web tools, not what we do but what happens after we have done it,


Interview – whatnweb tools do you use, museum box, glogster, mixed book , tune dude, photo peach, what have youfoud interesting, what goals do you want to achieve,


Ultra net page – home, catalogue, we links, pathfinders, trove, world book online, reding, authors, requests, new non fiction, new fiction, research with links to data bases and resources, delicious to tag and bundle resources online, online request for resources on moodle on e support,


Make lemonade when you are handed lemons


Johnathan – Melbourne museum – making history – free resource – topics frogs in pakenham could be a topic for the exceler8 group –


Slav fuse projects – Slav utube channel –


Mgs library blog – wordpress, tweet feed links,


Design space – yr 7 digital project – share findings and work,


Google forms – can use templates too


Mixed – scrapers style history tool maker


Become a curator


Policy of resources purchased


Enchanting places – Clarify vision – decide today – Dave lances it is not stuff but what’s in our heads,


Survival – Kelly bran nick, create alliances, start a fire know abut searching communicating, learn language or content, know when to stand up about issues – strongest player, lead quietly, ask for forgiveness rather than permission, don’t do what doesn’t have an impact on the students and learning, new playfulness to be excited about it, make house calls to make a difference, don’t stop at no, find a way to get to yes, stop watering rock water flowers instead – equity – intellectual freedom issues, where are you going for 2020, choose own librarian cartoon with goals, make change and impact learning , lead from centre of the school – there is no box




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